Apostle Pierre Bennett began his professional career in the Armed Forces, where he first learned the discipline and leadership he’d use throughout his life. After he left the Service, Apostle Pierre Bennett joined the travel industry, working in sales and progressing up the career ladder until he was leading sales teams.

While working in the travel industry, Apostle Pierre Bennett noticed there were very few blacks in the travel industry. This gave Apostle Pierre Bennett the motivation he needed to open his own resort travel club business, which continued to thrive even as the economy forced many in the industry to close.

But Apostle Pierre Bennett received his true calling in 1999, while attending Easter services at the Upper Room International Church. He’d begun to sense a deep love for God as a young child while watching his mother sing in the church choir, but on this Easter morning, something was different. During the service, Apostle Pierre Bennett received a special vision from God. It was a vision of a worldwide ministry to those in need.

After receiving that vision, Apostle Pierre Bennett got involved in the Upper Room International Church, where he also taught Sunday School. Apostle Pierre Bennett was later appointed assistant pastor at Upper Room International Church and began working to make his vision a reality.

While serving at Upper Room International Church, Apostle Pierre Bennett founded LifeSource Foundation, an organization that helps those in need. Through LifeSource, he works to provide academic enrichment, prevention, and intervention programs.

In 2008, Apostle Bennett furthered this vision by founding God’s Luv International Ministries, a Virginia-based church that embraces Apostle Pierre Bennett’s mission. God’s Luv International Ministries Church has two services per week, where the congregation is moved by his messages of love, faith, and belief in the Word. Apostle Pierre Bennett was ordained as an Apostle in July 0f 2009.

Apostle Pierre Bennett was ordained as an Apostle in July of 2009. Because Apostle Pierre Bennett experienced many pitfalls on the way to his true calling, he is aware that sometimes the most devout believers have been through life’s ups and downs and survived. Apostle Pierre Bennett’s personal motto is based on his favorite scripture, Matthew 6:33. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”

Contact Apostle Pierre Bennett by calling God’s Luv International Ministries Church at 703-395-1430.

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